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Agritourism in Zakynthos: Greece


Agritourism in Zakynthos: Latest Guide

The agritourism in Zakynthos is for individuals looking for something a little different from their vacation. It's also uncommon for travelers to Greece to want to experience a more real Greek holiday by staying in traditional lodging and participating in local agriculture. This vacation is given in rural parts of Zakynthos, emphasizing the calm life, the island's natural heritage, and its awe-inspiring landscapes. Alykes is a great place to find these unusual vacations.

Find Zakynthos farm holidays now!

Get out of your comfort zone on your next trip. You may enjoy rolling hills, fresh breezes, and lots of peaceful times throughout your vacation. Enjoy just the correct number of things to keep you occupied but not too active that you can't stop to snap some family selfies. As soon as you book a farm stay vacation in Zakynthos, Greece, you'll enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Logothetis Organic Farm

There are miles of olive groves to explore at Logothetis Organic Garden, where you can eat locally grown food. Historically, the ancient Greeks and their love of olives are intertwined with the mythical gods and feta cheese. As a result, learning about the many phases involved in the production of olive oil is a remarkable experience.

The proprietors lend out road bikes at a reasonable fee, making this an excellent family outing. Final touches include a horseback ride through the countryside and an olive oil tasting. The on-site store sells wine, cheese, and other delicacies.

Basta Organic Ladotyri Cheese Makers

The rich, crumbly, and salty Zakynthian Ladotyri from Ktima Basta in Agios Leon is a must-try for cheese connoisseurs. The longer time this cheese spends in olive oil, the more flavorful it becomes. One of the finest Ladotyri on the island may be found here. Once you get to the main road in Agios Leon, keep an eye out for the signs.

Art and Wine Vineyard

Tourists to the island's Art & Wine Vineyard say it's one of their favorites. Even if a tour isn't arranged, the owners here are always happy to show visitors around the property. The grounds feature some of the most picturesque landscapes on the island. There are free wine samples in this area because the owners want to assist their customers in deciding whether they want to purchase a bottle to carry home. Aside from the welcoming atmosphere, it's the high-quality wines that make this vineyard so popular.

Life in Zakynthos Village

Farm holidays in Zakynthos are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can feed and engage with cattle if you're a fan of animals. As a family, you'll be able to feed pigs and hens together, ride horses with your spouse, and care for poultry with your children.

Farm vacations allow you to help with crops to learn more about how your food is grown right on the ranch. By working with local farmers, you'll get firsthand experience cultivating and harvesting Zakynthian crops.

Even if you've never done it before, here is the place to do it. In addition to learning about agriculture and the workings of a farm, children will enjoy learning about Zakynthos' area history. You may get your kids involved in culinary lessons or farm tours or even help out around the farm. After a long day of work, people may even take their phones down towards the end of each day. That's a trip the whole family will remember!


As an agritourism adventurer, you'll have the option of staying on a local farm and seeing the facilities, or you may get right into the essentials of farming. Zakynthos may be explored in a new and exciting manner when you go on a farm holiday! As a Travelocity user, you'll have a lot of alternatives at your disposal. You may even return home with a pair of overall pants.