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Best routes and safety tips for cycling holidays in Zakynthos: Greece


Zakynthos is a Greek island popular and loved for its many aspects and beautiful attractions. One of these is cycling by tourists on the island. This is one of the most likely loved and common activities by tourists on the island. So If you are also planning cycling holidays to Zakynthos, then keep up with us as in this article, we discuss the top 3 cycling routes on Zante.

Top 3 routes for cycling holidays in Zakynthos

1. The National Marine Park:

The national marine park is among the top 5 areas in Zakynthos to cycle first. This area is full of young folks who come to experience the famous nightclubs of Zakynthos. Nonetheless, along with being the main attraction for young people, it is also a great place for cycling in Zakynthos. The National Park is a major nesting ground for turtles in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, it makes a beautiful route for cycling on the island. The main cycling route can be taken through the Peripheral Zone and protected landmarks around the Park. In addition to this, you can also add the medieval olive groves at Kaminia to your cycling route to make it more eventful and adventurous.

2. Keri MTB Trail:

The Keri MTB trail is the next cycling place for your Cycling Holidays in Zakynthos. This trail is located to the southwest side of the island, and it covers a total area from the rocky hills on the West all the way to the Laganas Bay. The cycling route for this location starts Faros around the cape and ends at Marathias. This trail is great for cycles in terms of scenic beauty. Because while cycling through this route, you’ll have a diverse experience of the island that includes ancient olive grooves, exploring rural history, and a traditionally farmed valley. Thus, this route is the ultimate experience for people who love to explore the history and culture of a place, in this case, Zakynthos.

3. Your tour of Zante town:

On number third, we have the tour of Zante as your cycling route on this island for your cycling holidays to Zakynthos. This is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Zakynthos, but remember, it is going to be quite an exercise as the terrain is hilly.

Safety tips for cycling in Zakynthos:

Here are some of the important safety tips for your cycling holidays in Zakynthos.

  • Prioritize starting your cycling journey early morning
  • Wear proper safety gear, which includes a helmet
  • Keep yourself hydrated on the go
  • Pack some snacks or purchase some on your way exploring Zakynthos
  • Never wear headphones while riding the bicycle around the island, as it can be dangerous
  • Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage


OTo have the best cycling holidays experience in Zakynthos, try out the above-mentioned cycling routes, which happen to be among the best. You’ll get to experience different cultural sites through these routes, along with some of the most adventurous ones as well. So, hopefully, the information will turn out to be helpful to you.