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Fascinating Facts About Zakynthos

Zakynthos is the island wherein one visit you live many experiences. From the crystal clear beaches and hills with the wonderful view to the special gastronomy and the dozens of attractions. In addition, it is an island that when you leave, you say that you could stay there forever.
Here are some of the fascinating facts about Zakynthos: Zakynthos has many reasons to be proud, and this island is one of them.

  • Zakynthos is considered an island with a long musical tradition. The very Zakynthian musicians often form eloquent groups - groups that sing old local songs and mainly chants.
  • Agios Sostis is a hidden treasure that once, centuries ago, was an integral part of Zakynthos. However, after an earthquake in the area in 1633, this land was cut off from the mainland and became autonomous. So now it joins Zakynthos via a small bridge, making the area look like the Caribbean.
  • According to legend, the name of the Island was given to his grandson Zeus and Electra and the Son of the founder of Troy - the young Zakynthos, who fell here and founded the first settlement.
  • Historians are sure that the first inhabitants settled in Zakynthos at 15 V. BC. Uh, around the same time, the Acropolis was built on the island.
  • Dionysios Solomos, the 19th-century Zakynthian poet who wrote the Hymn to Freedom, whose lyrics formed the basis of the Greek national anthem.
  • An important, tragic event occurred in the modern history of the island in 1953 - an earthquake, after which most of the local buildings had to be rebuilt.
  • Shipwreck is known worldwide, and every year, thousands of tourists flock to the island to see it and dive into its incomparable waters.
  • The Zakynthos, the Zante as commonly called poets in ancient times.
  • It is the most southern point of the Ionian Islands and the third largest. It covers an area of almost 405 sq. km.
  • Zakynthos, an island with great contrasts such as golden sand beaches and imposing rocky shores, has a temperate, Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and cool summers.
  • The island is "green" to a point where in the past, both Homer and the Venetian conquerors gave it names such as "Forest" or "Flower of Levante."
  • The very warm seas that bathe the coasts, in addition to offering a particularly long tourist season (from May to the end of October), have allowed Zakynthos to become an object of international interest.
  • The rocky and steep west coast also breeds the Monachus Monachus seal, which the local government also protects.
  • Along with the wonderful natural landscape, Zakynthos offers the opportunity to visit the numerous uninhabited islands that surround it, such as Pelouzo and Marathonisi in the bay of Laganas and, due to their incomparable beauty, have been included in the water park.
  • The two most famous museums are the Museum of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, in which The Byzantine Museum has many interesting exhibits. Still, it is mainly known for the hagiographies and exhibits, ranging from the 12th to -the 18th century.
  • Zakynthos flourishes a special, perhaps peculiar, theatrical kind of countryside, called "speeches," The inhabitant's co-star with improvisations as parlats. Their history goes back more than three centuries.
  • Since 2009 Zakynthos has had its jazz festival (Zakynthos Jazz Festival / Zante Jazz Festival) and a classical music festival.
  • Giostra Di Zante is one of the oldest events of the Zakynthos carnival.
  • Zakynthos is an island with intense vegetation. It is ideal for tours, walks, and other activities that will give you well-being and rejuvenation.
  • Most beaches are located in the eastern part, relief in the west of the island - Rocky.
  • There is no industry on the island, and the locals are mainly engaged in tourism, winemaking, and citrus are growing.
  • Picturesque coves cut the northern part of Zakynthos. Some of them can only be reached by sea, there is a fully developed infrastructure, but it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

This island is blessed with many beautiful locations. It is a beautiful spot for visiting on vacations. To explore more about this Island, visit Kymaros villas.