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Spas and Wellness in Zakynthos: Greece


Spas and Wellness in Zakynthos: Latest Guide

The Greek island of Zakynthos, commonly known as Zante, is well-known for its nightlife, but there are many places to unwind, appreciate nature, or enjoy luxury spas and wellness in Zakynthos. Zakynthos has become a popular wellness resort since the Greek deity Apollo, the patron of healing, threw his sunlight over the island.

Today, everyone looking for leisure and relaxation has a plethora of possibilities. Whether you're looking for active treatment, spiritual healing, or just a haven to escape and relax, you'll find it here.

You may find a spa day in Zakynthos if you need to unwind before a night out on the town or a resort spa where you can rest between other activities. Therapies are best experienced in one of the resort's exclusive sea-view villas. In this guide, we mention the 3 best Spas and wellness center that offers a lovely grotto-like pool with basket chairs in which you might unwind after a treatment.


Best Spas and Wellness Center in Zakynthos


Lesante Bly Great Spa for Adults:

Beautiful pool amenities. Fantastic sauna. Lesante Blu Exclusive Beachfront Resort is located in Tragaki, 7 kilometers from Zakynthos Town, and has a private beach area, private pools, and a spa center. The sea-view hotel, which supports the Leading Hotels, offers three restaurants and three bars.

Porto Zante Luxury Spa and Wellness Center:

The crystal pure blue sea of the Ionian Sea joins the hotel's sandy beach in the Tragaki district of Zakynthos, now at the picturesque hotel of Porto Zante Resorts & Spa, which has been voted Europe's Leading Coastal Hotel 2017 & Europe's Leading Luxury Resort & Villas 2017 even by World Travel.

In 2017, the spa was named Greece's Best Hotel Spa at the International Spa Championships, which tells it all. You will not be disappointed here.

The spa has waterfront facilities because you can experience the view of the sea while getting a massage. You may also have expert spa therapists give your treatments in your villa if you prefer solitude. The spa does not have a pool, but it does have a superb hammam and sauna, as well as an unbeatable and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Twenty various therapies from across the globe may be adapted to your specific requirements, including spas and skincare products influenced by the Greek environment and aromatherapy. They use natural products such as Greek herbs and spice mixes and cutting-edge massage techniques to create a holistic experience.


Enjoy a sensory haven on the picturesque Greek coast of Zakynthos, in Greece's most private resort. Breathe in the sea and deepen your regeneration at over 20 spa services from around the globe done in the exclusive Waterfront or in the utmost solitude of your villa.

This tropical paradise in Greece's expert Spa therapists provides a one-of-a-kind series of natural remedies that blend raw materials with an experimental method and distinctive massage methods. Enjoy the sun and sea restore your body and mind as unique spices are combined with Greek plants and traditional techniques.