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Top interesting places to visit in Zakynthos: Greece


Top interesting places to visit in Zakynthos

If you are thinking of visit the island of Zakynthos, you will live many unforgettable experiences but we will help you to find first the 5 that worth’s more!


1. Shipwreck beach

The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of the five or six most photographed beaches of all Greece. The beach is hidden between the rocks. Amazing location! The shipwreck creates fairytale scenery, resulting into encountering one of the most -well deserved- famous beaches of Greece. The sea is blue and clear, so the boats look like they are flying and not sailing. In 1983 there was a shipwreck and the remains of the ship are still there so you can take photos. To visit the beach you can take a small taxi boat from the close bay of Porto Vromi or from Agios Nikolaos of Volimes or organize a day cruise that you can find at the main port of Zakynthos town and takes you all the round of Zakynthos island. Also you cannot leave the island of Zakynthos without take a photo from the top where is a platform that you can see the beach from the highest level. You can drive with car to reach there. It located at the north side of the island, at the village named Anafonitria. At Anafonitria also you can visit a famous monastery of st George Kremnon, A small monastery that worth’s to visit it and see the amazing ornately framed icons and religious images.

2. Porto Limnionas

It is one of the most beautiful and wild place of the the entire island. This place is hidden between the trees and walking down, you will find a spectacular small beach surrounded by rocks and cliffs. To get there you drive through the mountains to the village of Agios Leon, easy accessible with parking for your car. Rocky and wild but amazing! Ideal place also for diving. There is a small tavern above the beach that you can taste the traditional plates of Zakynthian kitchen. You can relax in a sun bed that they have placed in the middle of the rocks under the trees, It is really spectacular! There you will hear only the voice of the birds and the sea. Porto limnionas have a magical view of the clear blue water and caves that you can swim inside. 3 kilometers after limnionas bay, you can drive to Porto roxa that is similar spot worth to visit like Porto limnionas with amazing blue water beach and traditional taverns.

3. Village Kambi

A small traditional village that you can see the sunset at the midnight. A magic moment that you will remember at the hall of your life. Porto schiza is a cliff that offers you a breathtaking landscape with amazing view from the Ionian sea. On the top of Kambi you can visit a large cross erected to commemorate the lives lost in the Greek civil war and Second World War. There are taverns offering you traditional plates and traditional oil and wine that the villagers collect every year from their olives and grapes. All the taverns have superb views of the sea and mountains . What a treat for the eyes, the various colors of blue in the sea against the white rock of the cliffs, topped with the multiple greens of the trees .Mycenaean cemetery of tombs is also α commendable place to visit where you will see open tombs from that Mycenaean Age .

4. Bohali

A small beautiful village that is necessary to visit on the top of Zakynthos with panoramic view from the hall of the town, the port and all the beauty of the Ionian blue sea. Just a photo can prove why it is a lovely place to go. You can have coffee or dinner enjoying the beautiful town especially on night time that the lights are on. There is a free parking on the street. At the small beautiful square of bohali you will find a small church called Zoodohos pigi, a beautiful Greek Orthodox Church on top of a hill with stunning views. The venetian castle was once the capital of Zakynthos. You must be visited during your holidays even because from there the 360° view allows the visitor to see in one time both coasts of the Island.

5. Turtle island or Marathonisi

Marathonisi is a small private island opposite of Laganas bay .It is now one of the areas where the Caretta Caretta turtles go to breed. You can visit it by taxi boat that you can find at Laganas bay or at Keri village. The boat passes through some gorgeous caves. Marathonisi or turtle island is a nice beach with clear crystal water with pebbles and white sand. You can get a drink at one of the drink boats. It is a beach where turtles lay their eggs, but it's well protected .You will find plenty of signs. You can swim in the clear warm water or at the back side of the island , where is a second small beach also sandy , with the difference that there you will find some small amazing caves that you can enter . If you are lucky you will see turtles swimming!


Don’t forget to take a lot of photos of those places because that beauty will be memorable and unforgettable.