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Villas Keri Zakynthos & Explore the Idyllic Beauty Of Keri Lake

If you are planning to visit Zakynthos soon and wish to explore the idyllic beauty of Keri Lake is on your bucket list; then, do check out this article for more information on Keri Lake and Villas Keri Zakynthos.

Keri Lake and best Keri lake Villas in Zakynthos

Keri Lake is situated to the south of Zante, and it is one of the most beautiful and scenic spots on the island. This lake is formed by the sea with a traditional village on one side and a sandy beach on the other.

The crystal blue waters of the lake make it appealing to the human eye. Keri Lake is a must-visit on the island of Zakynthos; you will find many taverns here alongside the seafront, along with plenty of cafes and bars.

Keri Lake has a lot to offer; you can take a boat from the mini port and explore the breathtaking Keri Caves and have a chill dive in the blue waters of the lake.

Apart from this, if you’re a fan of tropical village life; then, exploring the traditional village situated on the hills can definitely be worth it.

You can try some handmade coffee there or maybe get a traditional souvenir from the small shops in the village. Last but not least, Keri Lakes hides two gems known as Myzithres, two rocky formations, which are just mesmerizing to look at.

Best Villas in Keri Lake, Zakynthos

If you’re planning to explore the idyllic beauty of Keri Lake and you are also looking forward to making a stay at this part of Zakynthos. Then you must check out the below-mentioned best Keri villas.

Kymaros Villas:

Kymaros villas is a villa complex situated in Keri. This complex consists of three luxury villas built with all modern amenities and a touch of traditional architecture. These stone villas are located on the hilltop in Keri, Zakynthos. This complex has exceptional views of the Ionian Sea along with the famous turtle island.

You can choose the villa of your liking and have a good time in this part of Zante. The Villas include private pools and ample space for a stay of around 7-8 people. Thus, making this location ideal for big families. To further assist you, we’ve mentioned some details of the three villas available at the complex.

1. Villa Pefkos

Villa Pefkos is one of the villas available for accommodation at the complex. It is beautiful and gives off the traditional stone architecture of the island. This villa has a remarkable swimming pool, and you get a mesmerizing view of the Ionian and Marathonisi Island.

2. Villa Oniro

Villa Oniro is also designed with a similar traditional stone architecture. You also get a swimming pool in this villa, but the difference is the view it provides. The villa provides an anatomic view of the entire gulf of Laganas, and it is located in a private location.

3. Villa Lofos

This villa consists of a floor and an attic along with a private swimming pool. Villa Lofos also provides a panoramic view of the eye-catching gulf of Laganas. This is a big villa which can host up to 8 people.


Zakynthos is a mesmerizing place to visit for one of the best tropical experiences. If this famous Greek island is on your travel list this year and you also wish to explore its breathtaking Keri lake. Then this article will provide you with some very useful piece of information about the lake as well as the accommodation there.