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Best Water Sports in Zakynthos [Latest Guide]


If you’ve got to know about Zakynthos recently, the beautiful island appealed to your eyes which made you decide to visit this stunning island on your next trip. But before visiting the island, you’re interested in various tourist attractions, along with what are the best water sports in Zakynthos; then, this is the place to start with.
Today, in this guide, we’re going to discuss the four best water sports activities in Zakynthos for you to experience.

4 best water sports in Zakynthos for you to experience!

1. Go diving in Zante

Diving comes first when we talk about the best water sports in Zakynthos. Diving is an activity that enables you to experience underwater marine life. Plus, if it’s in Zakynthos's crystal clear waters then, it’s definitely a must-try! You can go diving in Zakynthos through the Dive Center located in Laganas. Apart from scuba diving, this place also offers snorkeling.

2. Experience sea kayaking and canoeing

If you love water sports, related to boats, then this water sport is the perfect activity for you in Zakynthos. You can explore the island while paddling your way through the blue waters of the island. Moreover, these water sports can help you explore the hidden areas and pathways emerging inside and from the beautiful coves on the island.

3. Experience the thrill of Banana Water sports

Banana beach is like the hub of different kinds of water sports in Zakynthos. Some of the prominent water sports activities available by Banana Water Sports are mentioned below:

Jet Skiing
If you enjoy that adrenaline rush then, this water sport is perfect for you. You can experience the authentic thrill of jet skiing with this service on Zakynthos.

Ringo Ride
If you have never tried water sports as unique as its name; then, you should definitely go for this. Ringo ride is basically a kind of water sport where you hold on to a doughnut or other kind of shaped board which is dragged using a speed boat.

Banana Boat Ride
Boat ride on a banana-shaped boat? Why it! This water sport is the perfect family water sport as one banana boat can accommodate up to 20 people. This water sport is really a bang for the buck on the island.

Ever wondered what can be more extreme than paragliding. Well, the answer is Parasailing, and imagine parasailing in Zakynthos. That is certainly a treat for eyes hence, a must-try water sport on the island.

4. Wakeboarding and Waterskiing in Zakynthos

The last but not least best water sports in Zakynthos are wakeboarding and waterskiing on the island. These two kinds of fun and thrilling water sports can be experienced at St Nicholas Water Sports on the beach with the same name or on Tsilivi beach in Zante.


Water sports is an interesting way to spend your time during a vacation on Zakynthos. Zakynthos is one of the places in Greece that offer professional and fun-filled water sports such as banana boat rides, kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, parasailing, etc.

Hence, if you visit Zakynthos and do not experience the best water sports in Zakynthos; then, you did not make the most out of your trip. Hopefully, the above-mentioned water sports will help make it easier to try out the best water sports activities on this amazing Greek island.