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Winery Tours in Zakynthos: Greece


Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Zakynthos

You must have heard about Zakynthos beaches and turquoise blue waters quite a lot; however, there is one more commendable thing about the Greek island. Its wineries! Wine and Zakynthos have an ancient relationship that goes back to the 1800s.

Zakynthos has various locally harvested grape varieties, making some splendid Greek wine blends. So if you’re a wine lover and you enjoy going on a wine tasting tour; then, this blog is for you. This blog, aka guide, brings you the 3 best wine tasting and winery tours in Zakynthos. So without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the wine tasting places in Zakynthos that’ll enable you to experience the authentic wine blends of the island.

3 best wine tasting and winery tours in Zakynthos

1. Callinico Winery Museum

Calllinico is located right next to Vanato. It is a 1918 traditional local wine-producing winery. Although this place was destroyed due to the earthquake in 1953, it became a wine museum after getting passed on to the second generation in 1962.

The museum has insightful machinery utilized back then to produce wine. Plus, there is also a variety of wines to taste while you’re exploring this piece of history. Callinico is a must-visit wine tasting tour. It exposes you to the ancient history of Zakynthanian wine and brings the opportunity to taste 15 different kinds of wine.

2. Goumas Estate (Art and Winery)

Goumas Estate is the place on Zakynthos where the two distinct worlds of creativity coincide. Located in Trilagkada near a mountainous and breathtaking terrain in Zakynthos, Goumas Estate is owned by a family known as Giatras.

The family offers a wine tasting tour to the estate where you can taste Greek wine in the traditional and authentic environment along with exploring the beautiful art by the local artists. Thus, this makes Goumas Estate one hell of a winery tour and place for wine tasting.

3. Grampsas Winery

The third place for wine tasting and winery tasting on our list for Zakynthos is Grampas Winery. This winery is situated in the semi-mountainous village of Lagopodo. The wine tasting hours are between 10:00-18:00 in summers. Grampsas is also a family-owned winery that houses a variety of local wines fermented from local grapes.

The focus of the winery is to bring back the local Greek heritage of winemaking to the island. Nonetheless, this place is perfect for wine tasting tours, as well as lunch during the tour as they have a restaurant as well. Moreover, the menu of the restaurant is prepared by the popular Chef Stavros Yfantidis, who focuses on creating a gourmet menu based on native Greek recipes combined with Grampsas's vintage collection.


Wine tasting is one of the elite activities for your taste buds. The different blends produced from various types of grapes is just an experience of its kind. Plus, when you’re in Zakynthos, this experience gets 10x better with the taste of authentic and traditional Greek wine in your mouth.

To assist you in taking the best wine-tasting tours on the island, we have curated this guide. The guide brings the 3 best wine-tasting tours in Zakynthos, which will provide the experience of a lifetime.