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What to eat in Zakynthos? Food Guide to Zakynthian Traditional Cusine

Zakynthos, no doubt, is one of the most beautiful Greek islands on the Ionian Sea and if you you're planning to visit the island soon. Then do consider this guide as your go-to Zakynthian Traditional Cuisine guide. You don’t need to wonder what to eat in Zakynthos anymore; we’ve curated this guide of snacks, starters, main course, and desserts for you.

1. Traditional Zakynthos Snacks/Starters:

The Zakynthian cuisine has a wide variety of appetizers and snacks. Some of the best and widely served appetizers are listed below:

  • Tzatziki(Yogurt, Garlic, Cucumber)
  • Melitzanosalata(aubergines)
  • Dolmadakia(vine leaves stuffed with rice)
  • Broad bean(mashed chickpeas)
  • Pita bread with broad bean

Other than these, Zakynthos has several kinds of salads as well. I mean, it’s a Mediterranean Island, salads and vegetables are must-haves in the food.
One of the most mouth-watering salads in the entire Zakynthian cuisine is the Choriatiki Salad. This salad consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, olives, and traditional Greek cheese known as Feta.
Moreover, you can also try the Spanakopita and Tiropita Greek pies that are served as appetizers or snacks.

  • Kuneli(rabbit)
  • Gouvetsi(lamb served with pasta)
  • Spetsofai(Sausages and peppers)
  • Souvlaki(chicken/pork skewers)
  • Pitta Gyros(Pitta stuffed with pork or chicken)
  • Mussaka(Aubergine, Ragu, and Cheese)
  • Moscharistifado(Veal stewed onions and tomatoes)

Moving on, if you’re a fish lover and you want to try a traditional fish main course then, you can choose from the dishes enlisted below.

  • Calamari
  • Sea Bream
  • Grouper
  • Dentex
  • Fried/Grilled Octopus

If you want, you can ask the waiter/waitress about the best dish served in the particular restaurant or what dish is the most popular on the island. This way, you’ll get a solid local recommendation as well.

Traditional Zakynthos Desserts:

Baklava, Bougatsa, and Kataifi are the three most popular Greek sweets which you’ll be able to find in Zakynthos as well. However, other than this, there are some sweets produced locally on the island too.

The first one is Mantolato, a kind of nougat made from egg whites, almonds, sugar, and honey. This sweet is widely eaten during carnivals.

Moving on to the second locally produced sweet; Fytoura. This is like the street food sweet of the island. You’ll see many roadsides stalls of Fytoura. It is an absolute delight and is made by frying semolina and covering it entirely with sugar.

Last but not least, Pastelli is a special Zakynthos sweet produced using sesame seeds, honey, and almonds. This one can be found in most stores, and you’ll also see it alongside roads in holiday seasons.


Zakynthos is a mesmerizing island when it comes to views and its pretty beaches. However, the island isn’t just appealing because of its beaches and travel sites but the food as well.

The local traditional Greek cuisine of Zakynthos makes your experience at the island 10 times better. If you’re traveling for the first time to Zante and do not know what to eat in Zakynthos? Consider going through this food guide for the best local Cuisine.