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Best Zakynthos beaches you need to visit

Zakynthos is a breathtaking island in Greece known for its beaches with turquoise blue waters and white and golden sand. Thus, Zakynthos is an exotic Greek paradise for travelers across the globe. Today, in this guide, we’ll talk about the 8 best Zakynthos beaches you need to visit.

Top 8 best beaches of Zakynthos

1. Navagio Shipwreck Beach:

Navagio Shipwreck is not only one of the best beaches in Zakynthos but also one of the most popular ones too. It is situated on the west of Zante.

The shipwreck on this beach is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. This is because the shipwreck adds to the beauty of the overall place and looks aesthetically pleasing, as if the shipwreck emerged within the sand of the beach.

2. Gerakas Beach:

If you love beaches with turquoise blue waters then, Gerakas should be your pick. This beach is known for its beauty, and primarily the blue water. It’s an ideal beach for sunbaths and swimming. There are several cove beaches in Zakynthos, and Gerakas is one of them too.

3. Banana Beach:

The next best beach on the list is Banana beach. It has a unique name and an exceptionally unique rocky landscape with soft golden sand. This beach is by far the largest in Zakynthos, with beach bars, sundeck, and umbrellas.

4. Tsilivi Beach:

Tsilivi Beach is amongst the most developed beaches in Zakynthos. This place has a resort accompanied by modern tourist infrastructure such as luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.

5. Laganas Beach:

Laganas falls under the category of the popular beaches on Zakynthos. This beach is one of the biggest cosmopolitan resorts located to the north of Zante. This beach has many facilities like sunbeds, water sports, snack bars, etc. Moreover, Laganas is one of the most visited beaches in Zakynthos; therefore, it is also the most crowded. Hence, if you don’t have a problem with crowds; then, you’ll like this one.

6. Agios Nikolaos Beach:

Agios Nikolaos is one of the best southeastern beaches of Zakynthos, with beautiful views and crystal clear blue waters. This beach is mostly preferred by families, in particular those traveling with children, as it has several facilities like taverns, restaurants, bars, water sports facilities, etc. Thus, it becomes an ideal location to hang out with the family. Nonetheless, young folks also like to come here for the view and blue waters.

7. Kalamaki Beach:

This beach is near to Laganas, and it’s situated around 6 kilometers south of the main Zakynthos town. Kalamaki is part of the national marine park, and it has some impressive rock formations to the center of it. This beach is also crowded like Laganas, and you’ll find many families here too.

8. Alykes Beach:

Alykes is the last beach on the list. It has breathtaking views and a remarkable sandy beach. The clear waters of this beach make it more appealing to the eyes. You can also get accommodations in this area; thus, you can spend as much time as you want here.


Zakynthos is one of the most famous travel destinations in Zakynthos. This island has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and breathtaking views. One of the great things about this island is its beaches which are just mesmerizing, and the crystal clear blue waters are something to die for.