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Zakynthos Local Products [Latest Guide]


Many enhanced agricultural goods can be found on the island of Zakynthos. So if you are planning your visit there, then don't miss the opportunity to taste and purchase the Zakynthos local products. I have compiled a list of Zakynthos's best-known local products below. Moreover, you can get much-related information on Kymaros villas:

Top Zakynthos Local Products

1. Olive Oil

Most of the villages possess olive trees, which means that all olive oil is produced in the area. And they harvest it in the month of November. That olive oil has a distinctive taste. A family business, Aristaion Olive Mill, is located in Zakynthos. They produce, standardize and sell olive oil.

2. Zakinthian traditional Oil Cheese

The cheese is made entirely from sheep's milk from local grazing flocks. It is famed for its oil graviera and Zakynthos oil cheese. The oil grinder is a kind of gruyere that continues to develop in oil after maturity. It has a very spicier flavor than typical.

3. Wines

Numerous wines are produced locally. Some of these are manufactured and packaged by the firms. Moreover, the residents of the area make most of their vineyards.

4. Grapes

Visitors to the island of Zakynthos in August may see the natural drying process of the island's raisins, which is caused by the sun.

5. Honey

Many residents of the Zakynthos have their hives, which they use to create delicious honey for their families and neighbors and for selling purposes.

6. Nougat (Mantolato)

Nougat is a traditional confection prepared from honey, nuts, egg whites, and sugar. It is very popular during the festive season. The nougat is one of the most well-known desserts on the island of Zakynthos. There is a family business named Zakynthos Enjoyment that manufactures nougat, Turkish treats, pasteli, and other typical items of Zakynthos.

7. Plants (Fitoura)

Another popular Zakynthian traditional dessert is the plant, which is offered at roadside vendors during festivals. Semolina is used while making this dish, which is fried, and then the cinnamon and sugar are sprinkled over.

8. Pasteli

It is a native dessert of Zakynthos, which is composed of sesame, honey, and almond. It is available in local farm shops or on street vendors during festivals.

9. Perfumes

Razi fragrance has been producing distinctive, original scents since 1963, inspired by the Mediterranean nature of Zakynthos and reflecting the island's vibrant spirit. A beautiful aroma is developed to interpret and represent the beauty of the wider countryside. From the aroma of a garden and the freshness of a pine forest to the chilly winds of the Ionian and the bright brightness of the morning sun, everything is a pleasure to experience.

10. Ceramics

Zakynthos is home to several pottery studios where artisans create exquisite, handcrafted ceramics. It is possible to witness the manufacturing process in real-time at specific workshops, while others allow guests to participate in the process by creating their works of art. The following steps are taken to produce ceramic goods: Clay is molded, adorned with pins and conventional tools, fired, decorated, and polished. Each item is distinct because of the ancient processes and patterns that date back to the Byzantine era.


Zakynthos is a most beautiful island enriched with many local products. People can explore so many new places here, and every view of it is no doubt eye-catching. The Zakynthos local products are in many and are nutritious as well. Some of the products have been mentioned here, making it more interesting for a tourist to explore Zakynthos.