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Zakynthos Weather Guide - A beautiful destination to visit all year round

Zakynthos is a breathtaking island situated in Greece on the Ionian Sea. Known for its pearl white beaches and turquoise blue waters, Zakynthos weather is perfect for visiting this beautiful destination all year round.

What is Zakynthos?

Zakynthos is a mesmerizing island with turquoise waters and white beaches situated in the Ionian Sea, Greece. There are many options for accommodation in Zakynthos, but if you want the best luxury experience on the island then, you should consider booking with us.

What is the weather like in Zakynthos?

Zakynthos has a very dynamic climate; thus, the island has several varying temperatures throughout the year.
One good thing about Zakynthos’s weather is humidity which makes the place feel good most of the time around the year.
The weather in summer is relatively hot, and it is mildly cold with low precipitation in winters.
The hottest months in Zakynthos are considered to be August, July, and September.

When does it rain or snow in Zakynthos?

Months like May, July, and August have the lowest precipitation. Thus, these months have the driest weather, if you’re looking forward to visiting during dry months.
Moreover, if you completely want to avoid rain then, you can consider the early days of January. During this time, there are mainly zero-days indicating rainfall.
However, late January can have more days of precipitation, extending to at least five days a week. Lastly, as far as snow is concerned, it is unreported on the island.

Overall travel experience throughout the year in Zakynthos:

The travel experience in Zakynthos can be divided into four seasons. Have a look below for further details.

Season 1: Spring(March-May)

Spring feels like a moderate season in Zakynthos, thanks to the humidity and warm weather. Rain is not so common during this season of the year, and temperature highs vary from 27°C to 15°C (81.7°F to 58.8°F).
Spring is one of the two ideal seasons to visit Zakynthos. There are much more activities to do on the island as compared to other seasons.

Season 2: Summer(June-August)

Summer is the ideal season to travel to Zakynthos. The high temperatures and warm weather make it pretty good for traveling to the island.
The island receives only 0-1 day of precipitation during this season. Summer is the busiest time for tourism in Zakynthos. No doubt, it’s the best season to visit weather-wise, but it can be expensive during this time too.

Season 3: Fall(September-November)

Fall is not one of the busiest seasons, but still, it can be great for traveling to Zakynthos. The temperature is relatively cool, humid, and windy. However, you can expect rainfall during this season. So if you like precipitation then, it won’t be a problem to visit Zakynthos at this time of the year.

Season 4: Winter(December-February)

If you’re a warm-weather lover then, this season is not suitable for you as it can get too cold. However, if you enjoy winters then, there is no problem.

Rainfall is experienced almost 6 to 10 times each month, and temperature highs range from 18°C to 12°C (65.2°F to 54.6°F). The tourist influx is low during this season which means it’s quite affordable here.


Zakynthos is one of the islands in Greece that can be visited throughout the year. However, it depends on the preference of the travelers that which season suits them the most. Nonetheless, it’s a great destination that is suitable to travel for all types of travelers.