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Useful information about Zakynthos

Zakynthos, known as the “flower of East” by the Venetians and Zante internationally, is an island situated on the Ionian Sea in Greece. This island is popular for its crystal clear turquoise waters and fine white beaches. It is one of the major tourist spots in Greece. The island offers quite a lot to its visitors, from beaches secluded in coves to the mesmerizing underwater world.

It is one of the major tourist spots in Greece. The island offers quite a lot to its visitors, from beaches secluded in coves to the mesmerizing underwater world.

How do you get to Zante?

Well, you can avail yourself of flight services from the majority of the European cities to the island during the summers. Other ways to get to Zakynthos include taking a bus from Killini to Athens and then hiring a ferry to the island. There is no direct ferry route to the island from Athens, so if you’re inside Greece, you must travel to Killini first.

What is the best time to visit Zakynthos(Zante)?

Zakynthos is situated in the waters of the Ionian Sea, which means it has a Mediterranean Climate. Thus, the island has mild winters and hot and dry summers. The average temperature during summers between June-September is 30°C. This temperature is ideal for a summertime beach trip to the island.

People wishing to spend a more active holiday can visit between March-May as the weather is quite warm at that time. However, please avoid visiting the island during January-March. At this time of the year, the temperatures drop, and the weather is rainy and windy. Therefore, it’s better to avoid it.

Accommodation in Zakynthos:

There are plenty of options for accommodation in Zante, but if you’re looking for appealing villas then, there is a place. Kymaros Villas is a facility of luxury stone homes situated southwest of Zakynthos. Kymaros Villas offer fully furnished luxury villas with all the modern facilities.

You can choose from the three distinct villas, each offering its view and extraordinary experience. Apart from this, there are also other accommodation options in Zante, such as beach apartments, resorts, suites, etc.

How to get around Zante?

There are many ways to get around Zante; for example, you can avail yourself of the local bus service available on the island. However, if you want a more comfortable and private rider around the island, then you can opt for car rentals.

There is also another option of traveling around the island that is renting a quad bike. It is best if you are on a solo trip and you love cool rides. Plus, quad bikes are good for the rocky roads on Zakynthos.

Things to do in Zakynthos(Zante):

Let’s have a look at the things you can do on this incredible Greek island.

  • Search for sea turtles in Zante's marine park
  • Visit the famous St Dionysus church
  • Visit the Navagio Shipwreck cove
  • Have a sunset dinner at Lofos Restaurant
  • Visit to Venetian Castle
  • Visiting the Alykes Beach
  • Boat tour around Zante
  • Scenic coves of Porto Limnionas
  • Pay a visit to Zante town
  • Traveling to the Banana Beach


Zakynthos, more commonly known as Zante, is one of Greece’s best places to visit during summers. With its beautiful coves, mesmerizing turquoise blue waters, and shimmery white beaches. This place seems perfect for traveling to, whether solo or a family trip; both are worth it.

However, before traveling to any place, you must have basic information about it. In the travel guide, we’ve provided you with all the necessary basic travel information about Zante. Hopefully, you’ll find the information relevant and helpful.