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Famous churches and Monasteries in Zakynthos


Discover the Churches and Monasteries of Zante - Zakynthos Greece

Famous churches and Monasteries in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is littered with temples and religious communities that have survived the devastating earthquake of 1953, as well as those that have been rebuilt since then. The following are the most well-known and frequently visited houses of worship and cloisters on Zakynthos:

The Church of Agios Dionysios is today one of Zakynthos' most well-known strict destinations. The congregation was founded in 1708 and is dedicated to Saint Dionysius, the island's holy person and defender. It is home to the island's most notable chiming pinnacle, which rises above the main port. Moving a little further from Chora, in the town of Kiliomeno, you'll find Panagia Yperagathou, a little seventeenth-century religious community dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The congregation of St. Nicholas (Agios Nicholaos) of Molos in Zakynthos town is a Venetian-style edifice, one of which was built in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake and fire in 1953. Mariners worked on it in 1561. The clerical vestments of Saint Dionisios are retained inside the community as a symbol of the Saint's connection to the congregation.

The Panagia Faneromeni congregation in Zakynthos town is a remarkable imaginative work, a "diamond" sanctuary with magnificent wood carvings and hagiographies. A famous saved gallery has been allocated to the sanctuary. Because it was regarded as one of Greece's most beautiful sanctuaries, the historical context of this sanctuary was the topic of a few inquiries by both Greek and foreign Classic Arts analysts. During the Venetian domination, the attractive area outside the church was a gathering place for the working people. The congregation was completely destroyed by the 1953 earthquake, but it has since been rebuilt according to its original plan.

The famous church of Agia Mavra is located in the heart of Maherado. Guests will admire the sign dedicated to the holy person, among other notable emblems. According to a local custom, the emblem dates back to the third century and originates in Egypt, where the holy person resided. The cloister of Agios Georgios Gremon is located on top of a cape in Volimes. The priest cells, the pinnacle in the center, and the congregation on the right side are visible as you enter the religious community.

The Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria is an absolute must-see for all visitors. The half-demolished antique chime tower that stands on the entry is of unique interest in this religious community set in lush green countryside. A fifteenth-century Virgin sign and other divider frescoes can be found throughout the religious community. Agios Ioannis the Baptist, in the town of Katastari, is one of the last worth-seeing religious communities in Zakynthos.

It is possible to see the monastery of the Holy Mother of the Cavern (Spiliotissa) that was founded the XVI century in Orthonies, a little remote hamlet north of the island. This cloister appears to have been carved out of the edge of a fissure, and it is surrounded by lush flora. Because the inside isn't accessible at this moment, it's possible to only look at it from the outside.