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Significant gastronomic experiences of Zakynthos


Culinary traditions

Enjoy the Zakynthian foods!

The Greeks like dining out, sharing meals with friends, and enjoying the delectable foods that their land and oceans provide. Every visit to the archipelago will provide plenty of opportunities for significant gastronomic experiences because Ionian Islanders are all the same.

Trespassers, brokers, and culinary traditions have been brought to the Ionian Islands because of their central location off the west coast of Greece at the base of the Adriatic Sea. Venetian influences can be found in the style of the food as well as in the names of the meals. Pastitsio, a macaroni, ragù, and béchamel dish, is a typical example of a pasta dish with Italian origins. Naturally, Greek cuisine has a lot in common, practically speaking, with that of its Turkish neighbors, and Greece's long occupation by the Ottoman Empire had a significant impact on both the cooking style and the manner in which meals are consumed. As in the central region, meze, or a large number of little tasting plates, are the centerpiece of feasting on the Ionian Islands. Greeks expect young children to attend with their parents. Archipelagos are known for their abundance of fish, as one might expect. Anglers provide the tavernas directly, frequently mooring right outside and handing the chef the fish. Due to the abundance of sheep, cheddar, and other privately cultivated vegetables that make tables groan and mouths thirst in coffee shops, seafood is less frequent but still enjoyed inside the islands. Great restaurants often feature the Ionian Islands, and many of them are situated in prime coastal locations, making it possible for kids to play on the beach after finishing their sheep and chicken souvlaki! Greek feasting traditions are quite fluid, and the majority of Greeks consider that the greatest locations are those where the food is plentiful and well-cooked throughout, rather than those with the most upscale settings or cuisine. In light of this, it is perfectly expected to find the tastiest meals in the most unexpected, off-the-beaten-path locations.

Here are a few café styles you could encounter while visiting the Ionian Islands as a result of the combination of traditional cookery and outside influences:

Estiatorios are restaurants that serve lunch and dinner and typically have a larger assortment of food and wine than tavernas.

Taverna: a traditional Greek restaurant that serves solely in the nights and is typically run by a family. Psare Taverna is a restaurant with a focus on fresh fish.

Greeks love Psistaria, a barbecue restaurant that is primarily found in mountain villages. You will also be able to sample Kokoretsi, a genuine Greek specialty, in addition to roasted meats!

Pizzeria - The Ionian Islands have long had a significant Italian influence, which also permeated the local food. Most restaurants will provide a mix of Italian and Greek cuisine.