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The most visitable village of Zakynthos


Kymaros villas are situated in the famous Keri village

Keri combines perfect the sea and the mountain view

Keri village

Limni Keri is a small village approximately 20 kilometers outside of Zakynthos, situated at the foot of the hill known as Marathia Cape, facing Marathonissi island. There are a lot of local pubs that give the bay a unique vibe, particularly at night, and a little but beautiful pebble beach to set it apart. There are also a few cluster pines providing shade. The settlement's stone cottages and winding alleyways are remnants of the 1953 terrible earthquake; now, they serve as museums showcasing the rich architectural heritage of the area.

Tradition, culture, and, of course, tourism, flourished in tandem with the area's stunning natural scenery. Keri has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island because it combines the best of nature, tradition, and culture. Tourists may experience authentic local culture firsthand because most businesses are run by families.

Limni Keri is a great jumping off point for excursions to the Marathia Cape's caves and beautiful beaches, as well as the neighboring turtle island, which is encircled by beautiful ocean and is a part of the National Marine Park. On the road leading up to Keri Village, you'll come upon Keri Lake, which is four kilometers distant. The ideal spot for small boats in this region is the little harbor on Keri Lake. The old houses and winding lanes of this small, picturesque town are its defining features.

The beacon

There are a lot of summertime visitors to the lighthouse who come to see the sunset and the sky's shifting colors. There is a non-asphalted square that extends into the ocean adjacent to the little lighthouse perched atop the point; from there, you may take in an unparalleled panorama while parking your vehicle. On a sunny day, you may walk along the tiny lighthouse and look out over the Mizithres from the clifftop, making this vantage point one of the most photogenic parts of your Zakynthos vacation.

The Keri Caves begin at the Mizithres. A desolate island emerges from the turquoise water, bordered by two massive granite cones. After 250 meters, you may reach a little natural terrace from the lighthouse if you take the small path on the right after you leave the parking area. Since pictures really do tell a thousand words, we'd rather not describe the situation.

 Kymaros villas

Perched on a picturesque hilltop in Keri, Zakynthos, the three magnificent traditional stone houses that make up the Kymaros Homes complex provide breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and the famous Turtle Island. You may explore the facilities, features, and description of each of our villas by selecting one from the list below before making a final decision. The establishment consists of three villas, "Oniro," "Lofos," and "Pefkos," and is set on 7,000 square meters of grounds. Designed with a focus on traditional architectural traditions, each villa is fully furnished and equipped with modern facilities, ensuring a really relaxing stay. Each and every one of the homes was built with the utmost care and precision. In perfect harmony with the neighboring trees' verdant foliage and the sea's blue hues, the colors stand out for their simplicity and the excellent quality of the materials utilized.