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The most visitable village of Zakynthos


Kymaros villas are situated in the famous Keri village

Keri combines perfect the sea and the mountain view

The villages

The little community of Limni Keri is located at the base of the Marathia Cape hill, in front of the island of Marathonissi, about 20 kilometers from the city of Zakynthos. It is distinguished by a small, wonderful pebble beach, several cluster pines for shade, and a large number of local bars that give the bay a peculiar feel, especially at night. Stone houses and narrow streets, old houses that survived the devastating earthquake of 1953 and are now exhibits of the local rich architecture, a living history in a settlement.

Alongside the natural beauty, tradition and culture grew, and with that, tourism. As a result of combining all the desirable aspects of nature, tradition, and culture, Keri is now one of the island's top tourist sites. Since most businesses are owned by families, visitors have the opportunity to interact with the local way of life.

A journey to the Marathia Cape's caves and alluring beaches, as well as tours to the nearby turtle island, which is a part of the National Marine Park and is surrounded by gorgeous water, may all be organized from Limni Keri. Keri Lake is 4 km away from the village and you find it on the way to the village of Keri. The small port of Keri Lake can accommodate small boats and is the best place for such boats in this area. This tiny, charming community is distinguished by its narrow streets and historic homes.

The lighthouse

Every summer, a large number of people visit the lighthouse to take in the sunset and the changing colors of the sky. Parking your car is possible on a non-asphalted square that projects out into the water next to the little lighthouse that was built on top of the promontory, where you can enjoy an unmatched view. The view from here, especially on a clear day, will be a memorable aspect of your trip to Zakynthos, especially since you can move along the little lighthouse and see the Mizithres from the top of the cliff by doing so.

The Mizithres mark the start of the Keri Caves. They are two enormous granite cones that are flanked by a barren island that rises from the azure sea. After 250 meters, you may access a little natural terrace from the lighthouse by leaving the parking lot behind you and taking the small route on the right. We would prefer not to explain the scene because photos speak louder than words.

Kymaros villas

The Kymaros Homes complex is made up of three exquisite stone traditional villas that are all situated on a perfect hilltop in Keri, Zakynthos, and provide stunning views of the Ionian Sea and the well-known Turtle Island. Before deciding which of our villas is best for you, select one from the list below to view its description, features, and amenities. Three villas, "Oniro," "Lofos," and "Pefkos," make up the establishment, which is situated on 7,000 square meters of grounds. Each villa is completely furnished, outfitted with contemporary amenities, and built utilizing traditional architectural techniques for a vacation that is really carefree. The villas were meticulously constructed, paying close attention to every last detail. The colors, which are distinguished by their simplicity and the high quality of the materials used, are in perfect harmony with the greenery of the nearby trees and the blue of the sea.