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Local families collect the olives to make the oil


The Zakynthos island is largely covered in olive groves

The Zakynthian olive oil is one of the most famous

In recent years, the number of olive trees on the Greek island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, has doubled. This makes it one of the rare places on Earth where this has happened. The island's excellent weather and soil conditions allow for the production of high-quality olive oil, which contributes significantly to the island's economy.

Olive trees cover much of the island of Zakynthos. The presence of towering, ancient trees gives the groves an extra special charm. Going for a walk in these woods is a pleasure. Winter is a busy time for the villagers as they gather olives. Manually cutting down olive branches and removing the olives is an arduous task. We save a few of the olives for later consumption. It is common practice to soak them in salted water before storing them for usage the following year. Olive oil is made from most of the olives that are harvested each year.

The olives are often picked by local families and workers around November. This oil has a deep green hue and a robust, fruity taste. Also, it's made using a very little amount of the best unripe olives that are hand-selected. Because of its exceptional flavor, Zakynthian olive oil has gained widespread fame in Greece and beyond.

The olive tree held great symbolic value for the ancient Greeks. It was associated with their faith and cuisine and used as a design element on vases and gold jewelry among other things. As a symbol of triumph, calm, and sagacity, it was held in high esteem. This is why the ancient practice of using wild olive wreaths to adorn Olympic winners persisted. For Greeks, an olive tree is a sacred tree. The Greeks put olive oil to many different uses. A wide variety of personal care items, such as soaps, lotions, and salads (including our famous Greek Salad), are made using it. In addition, we make use of wood from olive trees to stay warm in the winter.

Based on this oil, most Greek dishes are prepared. Olive oil comes in two varieties: Premium Olive Oil. The bitter taste and rich, fruity, spicy perfume of extra virgin olive oil are hallmarks of the first unripe olive fruit. It is extracted from the best olives and is usually only available in little quantities. Rather than pounding or dumping them, unripe olives are picked by hand. the virgin olive oil The most natural olive oils have the most pleasant scent and flavor.

Olive oil has always been the principal agricultural product of Zakynthos. About 3,000 people in Zakynthos's 8,500 farm families depend entirely on farming for their living. A thousand of the one hundred thousand acres of farmland are olive trees, or "liostasia." The Zakynthian people are deeply connected to the land, the environment, rural life, and the oil industry. While the "liotrivi" oil-picking season is in full swing in the cooler months, the locals observe a long-standing ritual.